Choral Awards

General Information and Award Descriptions

The National Choral Awards program was established in 1988 to honour outstanding contributions to Canadian choral music. The awards are presented publicly every two years during our national conference, Podium, to honour and celebrate excellence in achievements during the previous two seasons. Each winner receives a certificate. The full list of award winners is posted on the website. 

Members of Choral Canada are eligible to participate in our National Choral Awards program by nominating those in the association who have excelled in areas of artistic achievement, innovative sponsorship or philanthropy, academic achievement, or distinguished service. Below is a full list of National Choral Awards. 

Winners are selected by a panel of choral experts appointed by Choral Canada; there is a new roster of people serving on the award jury panel for each competition. 


List and Description of Choral Canada National Choral Awards

Outstanding Choral Publication
The Choral Canada Award for Outstanding Choral Publication recognizes a book or collection or printed resource that provides a significant contribution to the choral community. Awards are based not only on the scope and depth of the publication, but also on the writing style and quality of its presentation. 

Outstanding Choral Work
The Choral Canada Award for Outstanding Choral Composition recognizes an original composition that provides a valuable new addition to the Canadian choral composition canon. Awards are based not only on the overall quality of writing, but also on the text setting, and suitability and accessibility for the indicated ensemble type. Attention will also be given to the quality of presentation. 

Outstanding Choral Recording
The Choral Canada Award for Outstanding Choral Recording recognizes a CD that provides a valuable new addition to the body of recordings by Canadian choral ensembles. Awards are based not only on the quality of performance, but also on the quality of recording, the repertoire selection, and the quality of presentation. 

Outstanding Innovation (formerly Outstanding or Innovative Sponsorship)
The Choral Canada Award for Outstanding Innovation recognizes a business or group or individual that provides innovative support of or an outstanding contribution to the choral art in the areas of advocacy, sponsorship or a choral event. Awards are based not only on the nature of innovative support for promoting and nurturing the choral community, but also on the significance, scope and vision of the project or event itself. 

Outstanding Thesis or Dissertation
The Choral Canada Award for Outstanding Thesis or Dissertation recognizes a graduate terminal research project in choral music that forms the principal research component of the degree requirements. Awards are based not only on the content of the thesis or dissertation, but also on the writing style and the significance of the contribution to the choral community. 

Outstanding Student Essay
The Choral Canada Outstanding Student Essay Award recognizes an undergraduate student essay devoted to some aspect of choral music. Students are normally nominated by their professor. Awards are based on both the content of the paper, and the writing style. Consideration will also be given to the topic itself and its significance to the Canadian choral community. 

Distinguished Service Award
The Choral Canada Distinguished Service Award is given in recognition of long-term service to choral music in Canada. Awards are based on the significance and extent of transformative service in building, nurturing or promoting the Canadian choral community through a primary career in Canada. The individual’s contributions may have been made through teaching, conducting, or leadership. 

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Outstanding Choral Recording 
Outstanding or Innovative Sponsorship 
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Outstanding Thesis or Dissertation 
Distinguished Service Award 

Nomination Deadline is February 1st in even-numbered years.

Nomination Form is available here

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